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Please enjoy this selection of Castelane authors. Read excerpts from their books, watch their video teasers and even purchase their books directly from Amazon. Come back again to scout out your next great read. Please note that this is a new service. New authors and books will be added every week.

I. Alan Appt Amanda Ashley Brian Burt Sally Franklin Christie
Genres: Nonfiction, Philosophy
Genres: Paranormal, fantasy, romance
Genres: Science Fiction
Genres: Thriller, suspense, paranormal
Kate Danley Mary Deal Margo L. Dill Samuel Endicott
Genres: Science fiction, fantasy, historical
Genres: Mystery, thriller, suspense, nonfiction
Genres: Y/A, children's fiction
Genres: Historical, Action, Suspense
Patrice M. Foster Ruth Finnegan Ann Gimpel Linda Lee Graham
Genres: Nonfiction, memoir
Genres: Fiction, nonfiction.
Genres: Fantasy, paranormal, romance
Genres: Paranormal, fantasy, romance
A.R. Grobbo Rebecca J. Hubbard Darlene Beck Jacobson Barb Jones
Genres: Mystery
Genres: Children's Fiction
Genres: Middle Grade Historical Fiction
Genres: Paranormal, fantasy, romance
Andrew Levkoff Beverly Stowe McClure Donna McDine Kim McDougall
Genres: Historical Fiction
Genres: Young adult, historical, children's picture books
Genres: Children's fiction, picture books
Genres: Fantasy, paranormal, horror, literary
Anna C. Morrison Geoff Nelder Linda Nightingale Diane Owens Prettyman
Genres: Children's picture books
Genres: Science Fiction
Genres: Paranormal, fantasy, romance
Genres: fiction, romantic adventure
Sherry Rentschler Donna Shepherd Angie Skelhorn Susan Stephenson
Genres: Poetry, paranormal
Genres: Children's Picture Books
Genres: Paranormal, fantasy, romance
Genres: Children's Fiction, Picture Books
Bianca Swan Michael Hicks Thompson Aggie Villanueva Vick Wadhwa
Genres: Paranormal, fantasy, romance, erotica
Genres: Fiction, Christian Mystery Suspense.
Genres: historical fiction
Genres: Children's picture books
Rebecca Zung, Esq.
Genres: Nonfiction, self-help
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