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Tumbleweed Christmas
Beverly Stowe McClure
A touching story about the true spirit of Christmas.

By Children's Book Reviewer: Like most children, Jackie believed in miracles. Her mother had told her that Christmas was the season for miracles and that anything could happen. The problem was, that belief was going to be tested. Jackie's father was sick and in the hospital. They didn't have a lot of money for extra things, even a tree to light up their home. Jackie felt compelled to help everyone, but she only had a dollar to do it, which wasn't much money to do much of anything. But will she find a way to put smiles on her families faces despite the lack of funds?

This is a delightful 24 page book which shows the reader about selflessness. Many parent's give up much to make things work when they don't have a lot of money, and being creative is certainly a key in such situations. Jackie gave up what was dear to her the most to be able to give gifts to her family so they had something to open on Christmas day. In many ways, gift giving has gone out of control. The most expensive items are not necessarily the best. Sometimes it's the handmade items or drawings that come from the heart that are truly memorable. A gift from the heart is what truly matters most, and it doesn't have to be much. Children and parent's alike will enjoy this story because it touches upon one of the best gifts in the world that we can give--LOVE!

Jackie's father is sick and they have no money for a Christmas tree, but she wants to do something special to surprise her parents and sisters. She knows her mother has told her that Christmas is the season of miracles, so what better time to go in search of one? She meets up with her best friend Daniel who is having troubles of his own. Together they go off to find their miracles and hopefully have a nice Christmas. Tumbleweed Christmas is a heartwarming story of one girl's desire to do something special for her family. Everyone else has pretty Christmas trees in their windows. What can she do to get a Christmas tree for her home? This book provides young readers with a perfect example of thinking of others. While Jackie would like to see a Christmas tree in her home, it's because she wishes to bring her family joy during a difficult time. What's equally nice is that though she is dealing with her own dilemma, she still makes time to help Daniel with his problem. The lovely artwork provided by Bridget McKenna truly brings this story to life. From the freckles on Jackie's face to the cherry printed apron her mother wears while dishing up cookies and more, the illustrations in this book will delight your child. They are the perfect complement to the story. I can't think of a sweeter tale of the season than Tumbleweed Christmas. Reviewed by Cheryl C. Malandrinos

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Today was Christmas Eve. My house was dark and sad. We had no Christmas tree. Mom said trees cost money. Dad was in the hospital. She did not have any extra money. I saved a dollar from my school lunch money. I was going to surprise her and buy a tree.

I pulled on my coat. I put my baseball cap on my head. I tucked my baseball glove under my arm. My glove went everywhere with me. Dad gave it to me. We used to play ball, before he got sick.

“Where you going, Jackie?” asked April, who was four.

“Where you going?” asked May, who was only three.

“It’s a surprise,” I said.

April and May clapped their hands.

“Don’t tell Mom.”

“We won’t,” said April.

“We won’t,” said May.

Genre: Children's Picture Book Length: 24 Pages

Release Date: August 28, 2011 ISBN: 9780983274049

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About the Author

Beverly Stowe McClure is a former teacher turned writer. When she was a kid, writing was the last thing on her mind. She loved music and played clarinet in the junior high and high school bands. She also was a majorette. She still plays the piano to relax. Thanks, Mom, for encouraging me to practice. Her cats don’t appreciate good music and run and hide when she tickles the ivories.
She lives in the country with Patches and Tiger (the cats), along with a variety of wild critters that stop by for a handout. Next to her sons, grandchildren, and great-grands, writing is her passion and joy. She also likes to research her family roots and snap pictures of clouds, flowers, and birds, especially the roadrunner that visits on occasion and the hummingbirds that she feeds.

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