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At the Edge
Angie Skelhorn
There is support from the unseen to guide our lives on earth.

Carm, a wholesome farm girl, marries her first love and then abandons everything she knows. After six weeks of marriage, a devastating storm kills her husband, widowing her. In a strange city, torn by her loss—young, scared, and with no resources she lives a life she wasn't ready for. Her emotions fall extremely low. To make it comfortable to live in her own skin, she self-medicates with drugs and alcohol. She is pushed to the edge as her relationships become tremulous.

Haunted by her deceased husband and introduced to a witch, Gretchen, she sees past the darkness. Carm discovers, with the aid of witchcraft, how to accept the past, celebrate the present, and anticipate the future.

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At dusk, the wind rose, the sky darkened, and the rain poured heavily. The mighty wind roared and smashed windows. Shingle by shingle, board by board, the roof disappeared. The house violently swayed in a to and fro motion. Then, the walls cracked and blew apart.

Jordan hurried Carm into the basement for shelter, yelling, “Run! Go! Go!”

“Oh, God. This can’t be happening!” Carm cried at the bottom of the stairs, huddled inside the door frame, her heart pounding as the basement door tore from its hinges and slammed into Jordan. He stumbled, holding out his hand for her, when his eyes rolled back, and he crumpled. His head thudded hard against the cement floor.

There was a smashing roar, and then a sharp pain to the back of Carm’s head, knocking her off balance. She stumbled and fell, hitting the cement floor hard. She didn’t move.

Later, in the dark hours, Carm slowly regained consciousness. She was weak. She shook her head to try to get her composure. Her body was in excruciating pain. Sobbing, she took a deep breath. Carm stiffened as she looked down, wide-eyed, putting her hand close to the gash on the right side of her thigh. The warm and moist blood from the deep, open wound seeped through her jeans. Her mind reeling, she tried to gather her thoughts, looking over at Jordan’s lifeless body. Her stomach tightened. Trembling, she came to her knees. Thunder boomed. Lightning illuminated the sky. Wheezing and coughing, a severe headache blurred her vision as she scrambled across the debris toward her husband. Her head light and dizzy, she reached down, yanking Jordan by the shirt. Shaking him, water seeped through her fingers. His gaze was transfixed, and he said nothing. With two trembling fingertips on his neck, Carm checked but could not find a pulse. She crooked her head to listen for breathing. She heard none. A cold chill ran through her body. Tearful, she breathed into his mouth, and then listened for noise in his airways. There was no exchange of air.

“Take the breath out of me,” she begged. “Please, breathe!”

Fiction, Romance, Paranormal Length: 176 Pages

Release Date: September 25, 2014 ISBN: 978-1629291505

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About the Author

My name is Angie Skelhorn and I live in Canada. My interest includes tarot, and other forms of divination, astrology, spirituality, mythology and harness racing. I gear my writing toward Witchcraft and Spiritualism. I've been published in Circle Sanctuary Magazine and online at Witchvox, WitchesandPagans.com and GlobalGoddess.org.

My genre is young adult, paranormal and romance. Young adults want to be independent free thinking people. Sometimes it's not easy to decide which the right choices are. Many of the decisions they make now will affect the rest of their lives. It can be difficult for them to plan for a future that can only be imagined right now. Young people experience new challenges everyday. Because of my own teen rebellion I try to tell my stories as a young female adult growing up, not as an adult lecturing. I want my voice heard where risks can take one with their wild and precious life.

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