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Between the Cracks Fiction
Short Fiction & Poetry
Kim McDougall
"What comes from Between the Cracks? Fiction that ignores boundaries, mixes genres and confounds classification."

Once upon a time...

Four words that evoke memories of princesses and goblins, of fables and fairy-tales. They have become an archetype, harking back to a time when the word novel was synonymous with fantasy. In fact, English literature was forged in the fires of sorcery and unreality. Think Faerie Queen, Dr. Faustus, Gulliver's Travels. Sound familiar? Where would you look for these stories in your local book store? Certainly not in the fantasy section. Back when Moby Dick was published there were no fantasy and sci-fi, no mystery or romance, only novels. Alexander Pope did not worry about cross-genres when he composed The Rape of the Lock. And Robert Louis Stevenson was not catering to horror fans when he wrote Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

When did literature become a slave to labels? Who else but marketing managers profit from categorizing literature? Certainly not the consumer. Fantasy buffs head straight for these shelves, but how many great fantasy stories are missed because they are classified as "literary" instead?

In this anthology of short and flash fiction, sprinkled with unnatural poetry, Kim McDougall reveals the grit, lust and beauty that goes on Between the Cracks. Enjoy 30 tales including, "Black Bet's Home for Toothless Vampires," "Set Another Place at the Table, I'm Bringing my Pimple," "Worst Love Poem Ever" and the award winning "Jack Frost" among other irreverent, dark and quirky stories.

"Between the Cracks" is a mind-chilling work of fictional short stories and poetry written by Kim McDougall. Traveling back through history, we find some great fantasy novels; however, they were not categorized like they are today. Many of the greatest and oldest fantasy novels nowadays are passed up on the bookshelves because they are classified as literary works instead of science fiction, romance, mystery, or fantasy. So what happens between the cracks of literary works, fantasy, science fiction and mystery? McDougall informs us about everything we have missed,including golems, fairies, trolls, and stories that relate to Santa and pre-dated fairy tales. Bound in this one novel are unusual and spine-tingling short stories and poems that truly do fill in the cracks between the literary and fantasy worlds. --Reviewed by Rita V for Readers Favorite

Within the stories, I found touches of humor, fantasy, folklore and eroticism. Having such a variety present in one small book is a real treat. Each story or poem stands alone on its own and is not dependent upon the others. This enables you to either read it in one sitting, or if you are short on time, you can go back to it as your time allows. I would love to read other works by this author, including her young adult stories, however, due to the adult themes in several of the stories, I suggest that this particular book be limited to adults. While I might not recommend this for a high school summer reading list, I highly recommend it for an adult reading group. The stories will be enjoyed as they are read and then enjoyed again as they are discussed. "Between the Cracks" is a keeper! --Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (11/11)

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I had come here out of desperation. My few kills had been disasters. My victims looked like death came from a soupspoon, their necks mangled by my toothless bite. From Black Bet's Home for Toothless Vampires.

“It starts off like any normal bout of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome. I'm constipated, I'm depressed and I've got a pimple the size of a hazelnut on my chin. And it's not even politically correct to gripe about such things any more.” From Set Another Place at the Table, I'm Bringing my Pimple.

If I was leprous, I would drop a toe
Nay, an entire foot
Just to offer it to you on a filigree platter.
From Worst Love Poem Ever.

Ah, the locker room: a virtual hive of common intimacy. It's the one place where strange men can be naked together and pretend that the spectacle of other naked men hasn't ended in childhood. From Naked.

Every December, when the snow began to fall, the teachers showed us the Snowbank Movie and for days before, kids whispered about it in awe. The. Snow. Bank. Movie. The film makers were masters, turning these fluffy white playthings into sinister traps. We sat quietly through the whole lecture about road safety to see that one titillating scene of faked gore when a girl was crushed under the wheels of a snowplow. From Jack Frost.

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Fiction, Erotica Length: 88 Pages

Release Date: May 11, 2011 ISBN: B00BGHTPCU

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About the Author

Kim McDougall is a writer and video producer with a BA in English literature from Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec. She was born in Montreal and has lived in Nice, France, Toronto, Long Island, New York and now beautiful Pennsylvania. She is also a fiber artist and photographer and writes fiction for children under her pen name, Kim Chatel. Though fantasy is her first literary love, Kim writes anything from children's picture books to horror fiction. She believes that genres are crippling literature. A story takes on what ever form it needs. She doesn’t set out to write fantasy or romance. Rather, she writes the story as is demands to be written and then tries to fit it into a category only for the sake of convenience. Needless to say, some of her stories fall through the genre cracks. So she created her own genre: Between the Cracks Fiction.

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