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Geoff Nelder has a wife, two grown-up kids, an increasing number of grandkids, and lives in rural England within an easy cycle ride of the Welsh mountains. He taught Geography and Information Technology for years until writing took over his life. Geoff is a competition short-fiction judge, and a freelance editor.

Publications include several non-fiction books on climate reflecting his other persona as a Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society; over 50 published short stories in various magazines and anthologies; thriller, humour, science fiction, and fantasy novels.

  • 2005: Humorous thriller Escaping Reality. Republished 2013.
  • 2008: Award-winning science fiction mystery with hot-blooded heroine, Exit, Pursued by a Bee.
  • 2010: Another thriller received an Award d’Or from an Arts Academy in the Netherlands. Hot Air. Republished 2012.
  • 2012: ARIA: Left Luggage science fiction apocalypse trilogy. Voted Best science fiction novel of 2012 at the P&E Readers’ Poll.
  • 2013: ARIA: Returning left Luggage – vol 2 of the ARIA Trilogy
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