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Inborn Magic
Hidden Coven Series, Book 1
By Kim McDougall

In the spirit of Ilona Andrews and Patricia Briggs, Inborn Magic introduces Bobbi Cole, a strong, quirky heroine in a world burgeoning with magic and romance.
Bobbi Cole’s first attempt at spell-casting leaves her paralyzed, and the only the High Priestess of the Hidden Coven can help. Quinn Mason, head of security for the coven, doesn’t want Bobbi around. He doesn’t trust strangers. Not when a demonic force is looking for a way inside the coven’s defenses to steal their most valuable resource: magic. Bobbi will have to battle Quinn’s mistrust and her own insecurities to get a firm grip on her magic, and do it before the witches face their ultimate enemy.
Inborn Magic is the first novella (approx. 106 pages) in the Hidden Coven Series.


"It is rare that I find a Pagan romance which is so action-packed and well written. Kim McDougall brightens a dark path, filled with mystery and suspense, as an unskilled witch is determined to complete her journey, all while blocking out the negativity which surrounds her. The detail written into the sabbats, esbats, rituals and the Pagan faith is astounding, warming my heart to its very core. Whether as a solitary practitioner or a member of a coven, wielding the power of witchcraft is a wondrous thing, engulfing true followers with an unseen, undefeatable force of wisdom, truth and, in the case of Inborn Magic, history of the craft and a romance, the likes of which has never before been seen. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every twist and turn of Inborn Magic, and recommend it to fans of the paranormal, followers of Paganism, and devotees of true love."
Reviewed By Rosie Malezer for Readers’ Favorite

"With an excellent story-telling style, Kim McDougall has crafted a wonderful mystery based on the delicate nature and pitfalls of the use of magical powers. The characters come alive as they work both with and against each other in the need to do what is best for the community. The action is quick-paced and the hint of romance adds some flair. Inborn Magic is a delightful read and a great start to the Hidden Coven Series. Great story that moves well, keeps the reader's interest and leads well to the rest of the series."
Reviewed By Melinda Hills for Readers’ Favorite

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Soothed by Magic
Hidden Coven Series, Book 2
By Kim McDougall

When Bobbi attracts a new admirer, Quinn breaks all the rules to keep them apart. It’s not that he’s jealous. Okay, he’s burning with jealousy, but William Fain is not what he seems. And with the demon Koro’s agent loose in Ashlet, Quinn isn’t taking any chances with Bobbi’s safety or the fate of the Hidden Coven.
As Bobbi falls under the stranger’s sway, Quinn must convince coven leaders that Fain poses a real threat and not just to Quinn’s love life. Get to know the Hidden Coven family from an all new perspective as four powerful witches and two civilians come together to stop the blood rite that will cost Bobbi her life and unleash a demon on the world.
Soothed by Magic is the second novella (approx. 110 pages) in the Hidden Coven Series.

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Trigger Magic
Hidden Coven Series, Book 3
By Kim McDougall

Trigger Magic
Five months after her demon father tries to use her body to break into the world, Bobbi finds a new enemy stalking her. Reluctantly, she seeks help from the witches of the Hidden Coven and Quinn Mason, the man who saved her from the dark rites that would have killed her.
While training with defensive magic, Bobbi botches a spell with dire consequences. Her mother’s grimoire may hold the key to fixing their mess, but no one has seen it since the day Bobbi’s family perished in a fire, over twenty years ago. Quinn and Bobbi visit the ruins of her childhood home where odd memories of a nursery rhyme lure them into deeper danger.

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