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The Howling Cliffs
Mary Deal
A Sara Mason mystery.

After searching for and finding MIA remains in Vietnam, Sara nearly loses her life when she investigates a missing child case in Hawaii. Someone means to keep the cold case cold.

In River Bones, the original Sara Mason mystery, her love interest, Huxley Keane, searches for his MIA brother in Vietnam. He also searches for Esmerelda's daughter as well as the rest of the abducted medical personnel.

As we follow these two characters, and a couple of others from River Bones, The Howling Cliffs begins deep in the Vietnam jungle. But Sara Mason solves cold cases and finds another one to investigate on the island of Kauai. She has purchased a home in Hawaii for traveling veterans to use as a stop over between the mainland USA and Vietnam. Inadvertently, Sara's neighbor tells her about the cold case of a 6-year-old girl missing for 10 years. Sara's investigation explodes the case wide open and exposes an elusive murderer’s motives, revenge and victims.

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The rock on which Sara precariously crouched was relatively flat but arched slightly in the middle and slippery with moss and lichens. Above that, a huge boulder protruded out of the side of the mountain above her perch. She eased to the side of the boulder and reached for a shrub and clung to its base. It held. She tried to get a foothold in the loose earth and finally found a rock to support her foot. She reached higher for another shrub. As she gently tested to see if the rock would hold her weight for climbing, one shrub pulled loose and sent a surge of adrenalin through her as she froze and pressed flat against the muddy hillside to make sure she wouldn’t slip farther.

She looked around the rain soaked area for any way up or down. Everything had broken loose when she fell. In the thickening darkness, she simply found nothing more to grab hold to use for leverage. She tried again and again to jam her sneakers into the loose earth to gain a foothold. The ground would not support her weight and she could easily tumble down into the valley. It would surely be a death sentence.

She eased back down to her safe place on solid rock and began to look at the other side of the boulder. What she saw made her heart jump. From there, it was a steep drop down into the valley. If she tried to climb up there and the ground gave way, the only place she might land would be on the valley floor what looked to be a thousand feet below.

Once again, rain began pelting her. What little remained of the late evening sky darkened quickly with a huge downpour. The only saving grace was that the summer weather was warm, yet, the combination of trade winds and rain made the air chilly.

Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller Length: 233 Pages

Release Date: February 28, 2012 ASIN: B007FGB3B2

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About the Author

Mary Deal is an award-winning author of six suspense/thrillers, a short story collection, and three volumes of writers’ references. She is a Pushcart Prize nominee, former Associate and Contributing Editor of a magazine and a newspaper columnist. She is also an artist and photographer. A native of California’s Sacramento River Delta, she has lived in England and the Caribbean and now resides in Hawaii.

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