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If I Should Die
Sally Franklin Christie
Murder, embezzlement, betrayal and silence

Peyton Farley, a southwest Montana newspaper researcher, awakens to find a man bleeding to death on her kitchen floor. The stranger draws one last gurgling breath. As Peyton awaits the arrival of the first responders, the man's body disappears. Local authorities accuse Peyton of murder. No sooner is she released from custody on charges of murder and illegal disposal of a body, when she is abducted by a cab driver named Tater. If I Should Die is a nonstop page-turner involving murder, embezzlement, and the ultimate betrayal.

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Peyton stepped closer. Those few steps revealed a pool of blood around the man. Peyton gasped and looked away. This was bad. She took a deep stabilizing breath and looked back at the stranger. She knelt down and heard him struggling to breathe. A sucking wound in the stranger’s chest bubbled as he tried to draw air into his lungs. The wound itself made gurgling noises. She stood up from the blood, now wet on her legs and pajama bottoms. A tea towel hung over the sink, and she reached for it with bloodstained hands.

Fiction, thriller, suspense Length: 144 Pages

Release Date: November 7, 2010 ISBN: 978-1619500396

Publisher: Eternal Press

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About the Author

Sally Franklin Christie has spent her life achieving incredibly average goals. Her challenges and choices have led to into the world of organizing for social change, civil rights and helping people navigate in a world filled with physical barriers and discrimination. She photographs and paints landscapes, when she isn’t at the computer researching, networking and writing. Special interests include Missing Children and Adults, Astronomy, Character Traits and Criminal Thinking.

A home schooling mother of children born eleven years apart has added to her liberal arts education. She's had plenty of time to practice and refine the art and craft of writing coupled with opportunities to learn the marketing aspects of writing. She interned for a spell at WOW-Womenonwriting.com and currently has a position as a moderator at The Writers Chatroom. Various published articles appear in places like Pangia Magazine, Creations Magazine and other almost forgotton places. She writes one novel a year as a NaNoWriMo Participant and keeps a more serious project simmering year round.

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