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One Woman's Poison
A.R. Grobbo
A Gloria Trevisi Mystery

High School was deadly…

Forty years ago, two teenagers witnessed a vile crime. Terrified, one buried the memory; the other wrote it in her diary and hid the journal.

Now one is dead and the other fighting for her life after a deliberate case of food poisoning. Has someone discovered their disturbing secret?

Not only must Gloria Trevisi follow the long-dead trail of a murderer, but she must choose between duty and friendship. It’s no easy task…especially when her own distant past is threatening to ruin her future…

Five cups from CoffeeTime Romance! "This book is well and truly a mystery that keeps the reader hanging until the very end. A.R. Grobbo writes a wonderful series with characters that withstand the test of time."--Delane,Coffeetime Romance

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Forty years past ...

Twelve large stones; four heavy, rotting logs; dry leaves and soft earth; and at the bottom of a three-foot hole, wrapped in a shroud of tent canvas ... He hoped it would be enough.

It was hard work, with only a small digging tool ... and an axe. Flexing his aching arms, he straightened up and set aside the light, short-handled shovel.

A rustle in the underbrush ... For a long moment, he held his breath. What if someone were out there, watching? His heart beat erratically as his breath pumped quickly out of his lungs in a gale force. Slowly, with a slightly trembling hand, he pushed back his hair and surveyed his work by the light of a small lantern. A trickle of perspiration ran down the back of his neck and mixed with the grime that clung to his skin. Absently he used the blunt side of the axe to reach behind and scratch between the shoulder blades. And he heard it again ... a faint rustle, a breath catching ...

He spun around, listening. All he could hear were the soft night sounds of bullfrogs and buzzing insects and, nearby, the gurgle of the river as it curved steeply around a sharp bend on the other side of a row of fir trees. Dousing the lantern, he moved back several paces toward the river and scanned the darkened campsite with his flashlight to see if he had missed anything. Nothing, not even a tent peg. The small fire pit he left intact. The cooking gear was packed in a knapsack, stashed deep under the roots of an overhanging tree about fifty yards downstream. The axe ... He wrapped it carefully and stuffed it inside the other pack, the one he would carry with him. Taking the broken branch of a hemlock, he swept the ground carefully until all traces of recent footsteps were obliterated. Then he stepped from the moonlit clearing into the shadow of the trees. There was only one thing left to do.

Chapter One

Present Day ...

The August lunch meeting of the St. Peter’s Community Church Canning Circle ended badly -- so badly, in fact, that the last thing Betty deVos recalled was staring into the chilly depths of a toilet bowl.

In those few minutes of regained consciousness as she was jostled into a waiting ambulance, she remembered Anna Stoker calling for help in the church kitchen, and a frenzy of moans, tears, and gut-wrenching sounds as the entire group of women were stricken with ... What? A dozen sick women, and four small washroom stalls ... Not a happy thought. Why? She was aware of a vehicle pulling up to the door of the church hall. Another ambulance? Oh, God ...

Turning away from the bright afternoon sun, she gazed at the impassive face of the paramedic. "Am I going to die?" she croaked.

"Not on my gurney, you’re not," the young woman in uniform replied, smiling.

Betty drew a shaky breath. The vehicle was moving, and the faces looking down at her seemed out of focus ...

You knew someone would come for you, eventually, a voice inside her head whispered.You’ve known for forty years.

Fiction, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Length: 256 Pages

Release Date: August 2008 ISBN: 978-1-55404-566-2

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About the Author

Originally from Quebec, Anne Grobbo spent a number of years working as a news reporter and community editor on suburban newspapers in the Toronto area, and later as a business writer for a large international corporation. For years she combined career with further education, studying piano performance part-time and taking evening courses at University of Guelph.

Fed up with the employment treadmill after 20 years, she began to write the first of the “Gloria Trevisi” mysteries. The story featured an imaginary “daughter” who shared the author’s love of music and respect for the written word, along with her husband’s Italian work ethic and strong family values.

“As a teenager I devoured my parents’ paperbacks, cozy mysteries, spy thrillers, romantic suspense, historic fiction,” she recalls, “and I wanted to create something that wouldn’t embarrass a mom who found her fourteen-year-old daughter perusing her bookshelf. I write for adults, but I think a young adult reader would get a kick out of this series.”

Although her mysteries are solidly grounded in this world, Grobbo is an enthusiastic Trekkie and occasional visitor to Starfest, an international gathering of amateur astronomers held on a hilltop outside Mount Forest, Ontario.
A.R. Grobbo also loves everything rural. She lives in a century home in southwestern Ontario with husband, dog, and cats where she teaches piano, keeps bees, dreams up mystery plots. But she vows that someday, when time permits, she will finish her degree in piano performance.

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