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Born in Jamaica West Indies, Patrice and her five siblings endured a barren childhood devoid of love, security, and hope. After both parents abandoned their children, Patrice's only means of surviving years of mistreatment with uncaring relatives was the hope of joining her mother in America, a country that beckoned with dreams of a better life.

That dream finally became a reality in 1973, but instead of the warm welcome she expected, she was once again abandoned, forever losing any hope of a happy family reunion. Though her eventual descent to the street dragged her to a place of darkness, it never claimed her despite the scars of prostitution, homelessness, arrest and imprisonment, a stay in a mental institution, gang rape, and loveless relationships.

Fueled by her desire to succeed, Patrice overcame at times insurmountable odds to educate herself. She eventually became a nurse and successful businesswoman while raising three children.

Ultimately, Patrices journey in search of love and respect became a search for herself and healing through forgiveness and self-acceptance.
Visit Patrice M. Foster's website at patricemfoster.com.

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