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Poems from Black Inked Pearl
Ruth Finnegan
Poems drawn from Ruth Finnegan's fabulous dreamlike novel Black Inked Pearl, chosen by the author, used there to mark the points of most intense emotion, out of the ordinary world.

Poems from the Black Inked Pearl is a collection of poetry by author Ruth Finnegan, intended to accompany her romance novel Black Inked Pearl. In the original novel, heroine Kate rejects the man she loves, and begins a regretful journey through dreams and reality on a quest to find him once again. The poems in this collection are extracted from Kate’s stream of consciousness style narrative, further exploring and highlighting mystical and emotional themes that connect to her state at different stages of her journey. They also signify Kate’s expressions at the highest dramatic points of the tale, and allow readers to focus more closely on some of the challenges and lessons which she learns along the way. Overall, the volume carries the same underlying Christian ideology and parable-style teachings. Having read Black Inked Pearl some time ago, it was nice to revisit these edited highlights from the original text and explore them in a brand new form. Ruth Finnegan has a brief style as a poet, highlighting particular words and short phrases which immediately strike up sensations, placing scenery in readers’ minds. There are verses which are reminiscent of Bible passages, e.g. The Maiden’s Song By The River reinterprets the snake in the Garden of Eden. But there are also more human issues, such as those of abandonment and loneliness in Eyelids and Hard. It will prove a worthwhile companion to any fan of the original novel. Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

Poems from the Black Inked Pearl by Ruth Finnegan is a grand collection of poems from the author's epic novel, Black Inked Pearl. The poems accurately portray the intense will in which the original story was told. They speak of sensations so deep they are nearly agonizing. The emotions and magical setting of the story are maintained, and maybe even made more alive through these verses.

Poems from the Black Inked Pearl by Ruth Finnegan is a fascinating collection of emotionally charged poems. With each new poem, something fresh is introduced that draws the reader deeper into the magical setting and fills them with even more intrigue, and a fresh desire to dig even deeper into the mystery that is yet to be fully manifested. Although they are all part of one grand story, each poem is independently fresh with its own allure and appeal coming through the words. Through these poems, Ruth Finnegan accurately captured the mystical spirit in which the original story was told.

The most fascinating part of reading these poems, for me, was how the writing oozed with innocence and allure wrapped up as one. Through these poems, I got to understand and be witness to the mystery of an extraordinary journey, but at the same time for me the message is more than just Kate's journey. There is so much more to these poems and some I even read more than once; and each time I drew fresh emotions and meaning as the mystery unfolded.

Reviewed By Faridah Nassozi for Readers' Favorite - 5 stars

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Oh God tell him
I don’t have words
I don’t know how to say...
it is so simple
just a simple sweetest thing,
but higher than the sky
more precious than the milky way
the night, the day


Just to be near him.
It is so simple,
just – a heart.

and still it comes.
hgh’r than the sky, the day,
more wondrous than th’ imaginati-on
profounder than the seas’
eternal flow.

It is so simple,
I cannot say...

Nonfiction Length: 210 Pages

Release Date: February 15, 2016 ISBN/ASIN: 1329904249

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About the Author

Ruth Finnegan OBE is Emeritus Professor, The Open University, Fellow of the British Academy and Hon. Fellow Somerville College Oxford.

She was born and reared in Ulster and Donegal in a family committed to reconciling the deep divides in Ulster and in the world, went to a Quaker school in York, followed by a first-class Oxford degree in classics/philosophy. Then African fieldwork, an Oxford doctorate in literary anthropology, university teaching in Africa, then many years ( with a short period in Fiji), with the pioneering Open University (UK) where she is now an honorary research professor.

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