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Pick Your Monster
Shifted Series, Book 1
By Eliza Crowe

Pick Your MonsterA romantic picnic. A secluded spot with a spectacular view of the sunset. A bottle of non-alcoholic wine to toast her happy news. Shayna has everything planned for her big reveal to Nate until a brutal attack leaves her clinging to life in the arms of a stranger.

When Chris finds rogues hunting on his property, he fears for the delicate truce between humans and werewolves. He knows he must stop the predators at any cost, before they kill someone and bring down a wrath of trigger-happy humans. His inner wolf cares nothing for these altruistic intentions. The wolf only wants to punish the scum who destroyed his pack five years ago. But even the wolf stops short when they find the rogues’ beautiful prey.

Shayna is now the focus of a murder investigation that sparks public outrage. At the next full moon, she might turn into a wolf. Or she may have to face another kind of monster, a murderer who hides in plain sight. Neither of these fates will let her stay at Bullrush Ranch with Chris, the enticing man who seems intent on teaching her the true meaning of passion. As she heals from her wounds, Shayna must accept Chris’s protection—and the growing attraction between them—until she can learn to protect herself once again.

Shifted Dreams is the first novella (approx. 100 pages) in a new series.

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Lost Rogues
Shifted Dreams Series, Book 2
By Eliza Crowe

Lost RoguesShayna is learning to love her new life, even if that means dealing with the medieval pack hierarchy. But time spent hunting and frolicking with Chris Burke, the handsome lone wolf who saved her from death and put her back on her feet, makes all that effort and humiliation worth it.

Until Chris gets a lead on his missing son. Josh has been gone for five years. Gone without a trace. Now, one blurry surveillance photo sparks a new determination in Chris. And Shayna will have to decide if she can leave him to face his worst fears alone while she stays with the stifling Pack Connelley. Or should she risk her life and her growing passion to follow him?

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