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The Triangles of Quebec- Book 1 of The Molly Lake Chronicles
Samuel Endicott
"A masterful coming-of-age tale, set in colonial times."

It’s spring, 1759. Two European empires are battling for North America. When raiders from New France abduct her mother, Molly’s rescue efforts cross paths with a French assassin, Indians, corruption, and a handsome enemy soldier. Samuel Endicott captures the essence of colonial Canada and weaves a masterful yarn. The author brings to life the final days of New France that forever changed the continent. The Triangles of Quebec has something every reader craves – memorable characters, thrilling action, romance, and suspense.

Molly Lake (1745 – 1810) was born in colonial New York. She grew up on her parents’ farm near Schenectady in the Mohawk River Valley. For thirteen years she was an only child to tenant farmers, Peter and Marie Lake, and is close to her parents. Peter and Marie eloped at sixteen (Marie’s parents disapproved of Peter not being Acadian as they were). Marie taught Molly and Peter to speak French fluently. Molly is attractive, auburn haired, and something of a tomboy. She stands 5 foot 5 inches. Until her marriage in 1761, she helped with her parents’ farm that is situated on Johannes Van Rensselaer’s patroonship which spanned much of central-eastern New York.
In The Molly Lake Chronicles Molly learns quickly that when her goals align with her supervisor’s goal(s), she will receive mentoring. When she does acts of heroism, her motives will be straightforward to the reader and they will find her actions credible. Molly’s motivation is mostly love, for example, love of a family member or love of a shipmate or boyfriend. When their lives are threatened, Molly acts.

In Endicott’s first installment of his historical fiction series, girl-hero Molly Lake fights to reunite her family while a European war for North America rages.

From the first page, Molly Lake is on a mission. Her baby brother has been pitilessly murdered and her mother carried away by French soldiers, so Molly’s vengeful father, with his daughter in tow, sets out to save his wife and reunite the family. The time is 1759 and French and British forces are battling for control of portions of North America. Endicott’s book reads like a blockbuster movie; chapters are a few pages in length, cliffhangers abound and characters are drawn economically, for maximum effect. This is an action-packed story, the cast of characters drawn in bold, primary colors. Molly is a familiar, plucky heroine; the beautiful kind of tomboy who can win over the most hardened, notorious of seamen, the sort of girl who can fearlessly battle Micmac Indians, deploy her flawless French to fool French citizenry of her identity and even become the most dangerous of military assets—a spy who also sees good in some who are supposed to be her enemies. Again and again, Molly’s cleverness, fortitude and generous heart save her from mortal danger. Endicott’s past life in the military is on full display here; the author details military strategy with the precision and care that some writers devote to character development. This is not a book for readers who want complex characters, nuanced personal dynamics or original dialogue. Only in the final 100 or so pages does the heroine act like an adolescent girl coming of age among men. In those pages, Molly breaks hearts and realizes that she’s in the thralls of first love, despite the inevitable dangers of her desire. While most of the characters are familiar standards in an action story, the star of the book is its setting. Colonial-era military practices and Quebec itself are lovingly described, becoming a rich backdrop for action.

A superbly researched book about the French and British fight for North America, Endicott’s story muscles through adventure after adventure, all seen through the eyes of an undeniable heroine.

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Historical Fiction Length: 518 Pages

Release Date: April 25, 2011 ISBN: 978-0983434382

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About the Author

Samuel Endicott served in the U.S. Army combat engineers from 1975-1995. An Army Ranger and paratrooper, he led combat engineer troops in Korea and stateside. A earned degrees from the University of Mississippi (BA) and University of Southern California (MS); he is also a graduate from the Naval War College. He resides in Virginia with his wife, Elaine.

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