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Till Death and Beyond
Angie Skelhorn
The bond of love can bring two forbidden opposites together.

Zoe, inexperienced in witchcraft, ventures into the woods. She cast a spell to attract a love she feels is lost to her. Careless with her words, she summons a Spirit. Zoe is escorted by the Spirit on a trip back in time to a previous lifetime in witch country and discovers even with heavy losses love conquers all.

Location present, early 1800's.

"There might seem to be a grand chasm inbetween the worlds of Witchcraft and Christianity. Witchcraft honors both a Divine Masculine and a Divine Feminine with a special emphasis on the God/dess in the environment of the planet we all share. Christianity of the sort that has prevailed over the years knows only one God who is only ever addressed as "Father". The inherent implication being that all that is Feminine is unclean and to be subdued. These differences are at the heart of Angie Skelhorn's wonderful new book "Till Death And Beyond". Frye is a member of the Witches while Emery is a Christian. The tale of how the two form an eternal bond is quite lovely and elegantly written by the imaginative Skelhorn. Highly Recommended." Reviewer - Drew Hoffman .

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CHAPTER ONE - Raw Energy

ON THE NIGHTSTAND AND dresser, yellow beeswax candles burning soft light, flickered across the witchcraft books of instruction scattered about the room.

Zoe, wearing traditional black pointed hat, the cone of power, with a broad brim, a symbol for the magic circle and a long, black dress and loose-fitting cape, stood in the moderate brightness looking in the mirror over the dresser and admired the elaborate witch’s attire.

She turned her face one way, then the other, examining the black lipstick and eyeliner matching her dyed hair. She smiled, seeing herself as a gothic witch.

She snatched from her makeshift altar, the scarlet charm bag containing a charm since ancient time: dragon’s blood mixed with quicksilver, sulphur and saltpetre, to be thrown into a fire to the accompaniment of an incantation and the basic elemental tools, and placed them into her backpack. Excitement rippled through her stomach. Ready and set to go, she blew out the candlewicks.

She moved a few steps into the hallway. Her eyes narrowing, she peered into the master bedroom. In the faint light her mother and father slept, unaware of what she planned to do. Committed to the task, her agenda seemed more important than anyone’s influence or opinion.

The lights turned off, she crossed the dark living room, the hardwood floor creaking beneath her gentle steps. She neared the front door trembling with excitement, and then slipped her sock covered feet into her rubber boots. Without light, with a deep breath, she reached and fumbled to open and close the door. In an eerie-blue gleam she breathed in the cool, damp air and embarked on her journey.

She traveled along the back road to the woods. Shiny, twinkling stars shone in a midnight-blue backdrop. While dark, fluffy rain clouds made their passage floating over the bright full moon. Zoe hummed to herself walking across the spongy ground in the hayfields.

“Awesome,” she whispered, shaking her head in disbelief as she spotted a wild, shadowy coyote, ears perked high, glaring at her from a distance.

She entered the thick trees and advanced through the gnarled undergrowth. Pushing her way through the brush, wet branches raked her face and clothing while twigs snapped beneath her feet with each cautious footstep.

She found a dry and secluded area under a dark canopy of tree branches, gathered thirteen small rocks and then made a ring to contain the flames. With a few dry twigs, branches, and leaves, she built a small fire. Zoe walked around the glowing heat within the stone ring and placed the elemental tools; water, fire, air and earth represented by a glass jar of fresh rainwater, a thick yellow beeswax candle, a black handled knife and a pentacle in the position; east, south, west and north, to unite and fulfill her specific purpose.

With the full moon nestled above the treetops, she sat lotus fashion, drawing her rubber boots beneath her. Then, striking a match on the side of the matchbox she held, she lit the yellow beeswax candle. With the charm bag in her left palm, Zoe rested the back of her hands on her lap and concentrated on each breath she inhaled and exhaled, slowly, evenly. A surge of adrenaline swept through her as she attempted to completely relax, determinedly keeping her mind focused on her intent. Nothing would deter her; she pined for the past. She believed in magic and knew that like produced like, and things that once had been in contact will always continue to have a connection.

Zoe pictured in her mind her lost love, a light brown-haired, blue-eyed boy with a very easy-going demeanour. Her voice steady, she conjured Spirit of Water, Spirit of Fire, Spirit of Air, and Spirit of Earth, Mother, Father, God to hear her call.

With heat on her face, and a loud voice to command the sight of a lost love, she recited the simple words of the incantation. “Please, bring me part of the past, here in the present, and an influence on the future. I’ll have no rest of heart, soul, mind or body until a lost love returns from the past to visit me, to affect future events. I direct, conjure and command the Higher Powers, the Forces of Nature, and Spirits, to fulfill my wish willingly.”

She tossed the charm bag above the fiery dancing flames. The charm bag fell into the contained flames and then, after a sudden brilliant spark, exploded into a puff of radiant red smoke. Her heart jumped against her rib cage as a flash of lightning lit the midnight sky and a thunder-clap followed. The storm clouds floated over the full moon, shutting out its rays of light.

Again, the sky lit up with another flash of lightning, seconds later a rumble of thunder. The hair on her arms prickled sensing a slight electrical charge in the air. She experienced an ice-cold chill, her heart pounding, living for the moment, midnight, the witching hour, her eyes wide, she saw in the shadow of the thick trees, someone standing in enveloped by an intense glowing white light..

Fiction, Romance, Paranormal Length: 36 Pages

Release Date: March 27, 2011 ASIN: B004YDRZG6

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About the Author

My name is Angie Skelhorn and I live in Canada. My interest includes tarot, and other forms of divination, astrology, spirituality, mythology and harness racing. I gear my writing toward Witchcraft and Spiritualism. I've been published in Circle Sanctuary Magazine and online at Witchvox, WitchesandPagans.com and GlobalGoddess.org.

My genre is young adult, paranormal and romance. Young adults want to be independent free thinking people. Sometimes it's not easy to decide which the right choices are. Many of the decisions they make now will affect the rest of their lives. It can be difficult for them to plan for a future that can only be imagined right now. Young people experience new challenges everyday. Because of my own teen rebellion I try to tell my stories as a young female adult growing up, not as an adult lecturing. I want my voice heard where risks can take one with their wild and precious life.

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