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We are currently open to new submissions.
Please read the guidelines below carefully.

We cater to a specific publishing niche. If your manuscript doesn’t fall within the following guidelines, please don’t send it.

We are looking for Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance novellas of 20k to 25k words. Preference will be given to novellas that can be extended into a series of 3 or more books. We like stories that stand alone within the 25k narrative but have an over-arcing subplot that extends over several books.

Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance are broad labels, but we're looking for action-packed stories that make us cry, laugh or jump. Romance doesn't have to be the main plot line, but we want some romantic vibe and it must be believable, with characters that make us care. Main plot lines can be mystery, suspense, horror or action. Just make us want to turn the page. After 25k words, we should want to read the next in the series right away.
Erotica is welcome, but it must be integral to the plot. If your characters are having sex before they know each other's names, we won't continue reading. All paranormal sub-genres welcome. Bring us your vampires, your shifters, zombies, ghosts, ghouls, witches or fairies. We want them all!

Please query only the first novella in a series, but be ready with an outline for at least three more. We accept submissions by email only at submissions[at]castelane[dot]com. Please put “Query” and the title of your book in the subject line. Do not attach any documents.

Your email should include the following:

A query letter. If you need help crafting a proper query, click here. Shorter is better. We like to see one paragraph description of your story (with word count) and one paragraph about you (this should include your publishing history and any other essentials). Please let us know if this story is part of a series and how many books are planned.

A complete synopsis. Let me say that again. A complete synopsis. This doesn’t mean a book jacket blurb. It means a complete rundown of the story from beginning to end, including spoilers. We promise not to share it, but we can’t make any decisions about your story unless we know what it is. A proper synopsis should be 1-3 pages.

The first 10 pages of your story. Not 10 pages starting from chapter 3.

Please paste these into the body of an email. Attachments won’t be opened and your submission will be deleted unread.

We try to respond to all queries within 3 weeks. If you haven’t heard from us by then, feel free to send a follow up email.

If we like your query, we’ll ask to see the entire manuscript and the outline for future books in the series. Please send those as a Word doc, in a 12pt font (we prefer Helvetica or Times New Roman) and double spaced. Your name and contact information should appear on the first page of the manuscript.

If we accept your manuscript for publication, we promise to publish it within one year (hopefully much sooner than that) as an eBook available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. Complete series (4 or more books) will be published in print and eBook and be made available at all other retailers (including Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo, etc).
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