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While book covers are the heart of our design services, we also offer other useful designs such as bookmarks, postcards, brochures, web ads and more. Looking for a custom book jacket for your print book or eBook that will catch the eye but not break the budget? Check out our professional book cover art - we offer high profile premade eBook designs for only $35 and custom cover design services starting at $100.

Custom Book Covers Pre-made eBook Covers
Custom designs for print & eBook
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Design for postcards, business cards, brochures web ads and more

Stand Out from the Crowd with Professional Graphic Design Services

Our book cover design services are performed by professional graphics artists to inspire your audiences and sell your work. “Don’t judge a book by its cover” doesn’t hold much water in the book industry and we know a creative book cover for both books in print and eBooks is possibly one of the most important aspects of a book’s success. Unless your readers are intrigued by your custom book jacket, online or in the store, it may very well be passed over. Especially with eBooks, the design of the cover is of utmost important – with the first impression being as tiny as a thumbnail; your book needs to stand out in every size. We specialize in a variety of graphic design services for marketing your book and work with you to create an eBook design you and your readers will love. You can select from a variety of premade options for your professional book cover art, or work with our skilled graphic artists to create a custom book jacket. Either way, you receive the artwork that connects with your audience for the specific genre in which you have written. If you need promotional materials, Castelane offers bundles to help save in publishing and marketing costs. Select the cover design services you need, or bundle it up – there are a number of online and printed options to suit your eBook design and publishing needs – and Castelane is the place to do it.

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